Member Garden Program

Through the Member Garden program, Syracuse Grows:

  • assists member gardens to obtain and transport material resources
  • assists member gardens to secure funding
  • organizes volunteers to help in the gardens
  • provides landscape design advice
  • funds and facilitates soil testing
  • provides horticulture and leadership education
  • offers opportunities to network
  • facilitates communication between member gardens and other organizations, including the City of Syracuse.

To be an active garden member, Syracuse Grows requires community garden representatives to:

  • complete a short member-garden application
  • update contact information for the garden representatives annually
  • attend both the Syracuse Grows annual meeting and member-garden meeting
  • give one, five-minute presentation per year at a Syracuse Grows Advisory Board meeting. For a new garden, the presentation would serve as an introduction to the community garden and provide an opportunity for Syracuse Grows to learn about the garden. For an existing member garden, the presentation might highlight the past year’s successes, challenges, and any new plans for the community garden.

Any community garden in the greater Syracuse area may apply to become a Syracuse Grows member garden. Member gardens are invited to attend all Syracuse Grows events, activities and educational workshops. The garden name and contact information will be listed on the Syracuse Grows’ website. Due to limited resources, however, Syracuse Grows is not always able to provide material resources, such as compost, to those gardens located outside the City of Syracuse.