Syracuse Grows is a grassroots network that cultivates food justice through advocacy, education, and resources in support of urban food production.


We envision a community where everyone has the equal opportunity to produce healthy and culturally appropriate food.


Syracuse Grows believes in:

  • Resiliency, diversity, fellowship, and collaboration
  • Strong, healthy, and livable communities
  • Self-sufficiency through access to the means of food production
  • Community development through gardening and urban agriculture

flowers in garden

Annual Report

Interest in community gardening and urban food production is not slowing down in Syracuse, and Syracuse Grows continues to offer support for these efforts. Our all volunteer board dedicates countless hours to finding resources and connecting them to the gardens in our network; building relationships with other organizations interested in supporting community gardens; and advocating for policies that will help to promote and sustain urban food production.

Read our full 2020 – 2021 Annual Report